Volcanic magma deep underground areas of activities like the human breath , every breath , it could be an upwelling of magma would form a variety of abnormalities in the surface , replica designer handbagscalled the active period. Tianchi volcano since 2006 has been in a calm state , which may mean a new active phase is about to come.

Changbai Korean media reported outbreak in 2014

Volcanic eruptions, the airport closed , acid rain, … … could you come in April of this year , twice the outbreak of the volcano in southern Iceland, the global impact in mind. Recently, South Korean media be exposed alarming message :SciencePredict , the Chinese Changbai outbreak in 2014 .

According to Yonhap news agency reported , the Meteorological Agency in South Korea on June 16 held a seminar, Pusan National University Department of Earth Sciences Professor Yincheng Xiao said that Chinese scholars volcano , Changbai Mountain (South Korea said Baekdu ) in 2014-2015 The possibility of the outbreak of great years . Changbai Mountain is currently considered dormant , Yincheng Xiao said that the inability to obtain detailed information , can not predict the correct period of eruption , but it is certain that in the near future, the possibility of a great eruption in Changbai Mountain .replica designer handbags

Yincheng Xiao pointed out that in June 2002 , China’s northeast Jilin Province Wangqing Richter magnitude 7.3 earthquake , the increasing frequency of Changbai Mountain earthquake occurred 10 times , the terrain gradually becomes higher Tianchi , Heavenly Lake and the surrounding forest often eruption of gas . In addition, the seismic wave analysis , Changbai Mountain underground magma has four overlapping distribution, and location on the bottom of Tianchi .

Yincheng Xiao Changbai and even dropped compared to the volcanic eruption in Iceland , when Iceland’s volcanic eruption of only 0.11 cubic kilometers of the total emissions , due to produce large amounts of water vapor , emitting ash , causing more damage. However, considering the top of the Heavenly Lake in Changbai Mountain has 2 billion tons of water , its power would far exceed the outbreak of Iceland volcano .

Tianchi been traveling all know , the local scenic , steep and towering peaks , tall and straight Majestic , very spectacular , with crystal clear blue water Tianchi pavilions , beautiful , with well-preserved virgin forests , is an excellent Tourist destination . Are these views will be lost forever ?

Major eruption of Changbai Mountain in 2014 no real scientific basis

With questions , the reporter interviewed several experts on volcanic studies .

” said the 2014 eruption of Changbai no substantial scientific basis . ” Honorary Director of Professional Committee of China’s volcano , Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician Liu Jiaqi told the “Beijing Science and Technology News . ”

” According to the current level of world science and technology , scientists have not made a few years ago by a volcanic eruption forecasting . ” volcanoes in China Society , China Disaster Prevention Association Professional Committee of volcanoes , the Chinese Institute of Geology Qi-Cheng Fan researcher told the ” Beijing Science and Technology Newspaper. ”

Reporter Geological Research Center, China Seismological Bureau, Jian-Dong Xu Research Fellow volcanic activities office , two experts found to support the scientific basis .

“We are monitoring the Changbai volcano has been 10 years old , according to our monitoring station received the latest monitoring data , at present, the data are in the Changbai volcano stable period, without any signs of eruption . ” Jian-Dong Xu told the “Beijing Science and Technology News . ”

Jian-Dong Xu volcanic activity where the laboratory is a summary of all the country between volcano monitoring station . Jilin is now on the volcano, Changbai Longgang volcano, Tengchong volcanoes, volcanic Wudalianchi Heilongjiang , Heilongjiang Jingpohu Volcano and other volcanoes and volcanic six volcano monitoring network was established . Network monitoring data upload these to the research center located in Volcano National Volcanic Network Centre, which is responsible for monitoring data throughout the collection, data analysis, data storage management, and also take exception to judge volcano , volcanic disaster analysis , organizations will And reporting and other business tasks . Can be said that as long as six key volcano ” sign of trouble , ” National Volcano Network Center should first master .

In Jian-Dong Xu ‘s computer, the reporter saw from 1999 to 2009 , the Changbai Mountain Changbai volcano monitoring station on the observation data charts show that the observed data are in a stable in 2008,2009 -year period, even data from previous years still Low .

Changbai Mountain is the most spectacular eruption in Chinese history , the most active and most dangerous volcano

Although the 2014 outbreak of the Changbai Mountain is without any scientific basis , but Jian-Dong Xu admitted that South Korean media reports is not “smoke . ”

” eruption of Changbai Mountain in Chinese history, the most spectacular , the most active and most dangerous active volcano , it has been the Tengchong volcano monitoring the emphasis of our focus . ” Jian-Dong Xu said that 10 years on the Changbaishang Mountain integrated the monitoring data, we found Changbai Mountain was in 2002 and 2005 unusually active , the observation data has significantly increased . This includes the obvious increase in seismic activity , surface uplift and expansion as well as a variety of fluid chemical anomalies . Research and seismic deformation simulations show that in recent years Tianchi volcanic activity may be caused by magmatic activity below the . But that does not lead to abnormal activities of volcanic eruptions , and calm restored in 2005 . Volcanic magma deep underground areas of activities like the human breath , every breath , it could be an upwelling of magma would form a variety of abnormalities in the surface , called the active period. Tianchi volcano since 2006 has been in a calm state , which may mean a new active phase is about to come. vertu-call-phone

” South Korean experts and the media may be wrongly interpreted as a large outbreak of the active period that has caused this false alarm . periodic upwelling of magma , and not a direct result of volcanic eruptions . ” Jian-Dong Xu stressed .

Jian-Dong Xu explained that the volcanic eruption that is deep in the ground , rocks melt under high temperature and pressure of magma into the fluid state , under certain conditions these magma Magma rise towards the surface along the migration , if the surface will form a volcanic eruption ejected . Underground magma to the surface after spraying , some spray to the height and then fall to some outflow from the ground , the jet flow near the exit or in its channels , condensation to form various forms of deposits .

To live in peace with the volcano , it is necessary to understand the habits of volcanoes , touch its temper , know when to quiet, when angry . Current human activity on the volcano monitoring and prediction of the level of it ?

Volcanic activity monitoring and forecasting accuracy rate than the earthquake prediction

Compared with the earthquake prediction , Liu Jiaqi academicians believe that our monitoring and forecasting of the volcanic activity to be realistic , accurate, high rate than the earthquake . Earthquake prediction has three main elements: time, place and intensity of these three elements are not well established . The eruption is usually recorded in the volcanic eruption had occurred , relatively easy to lock the place . Volcano eruption prediction is more difficult time , size and type .

Jian-Dong Xu told reporters that at present, the use of seismic monitoring of volcanic activity is the most common and one of the most important ways , topography , geochemical anomalies and other elements are also monitoring the volcanic eruption of precursory signals .

Human beings have some examples of successful prediction of volcanic eruptions . Such as the 2000 eruption Usu in Hokkaido, Japan forecast is quite accurate, as accurate prediction , a week ahead of the local government evacuated the residents , not killing one person .

However, Liu Jiaqi academicians believe that the volcanic eruption forecasting is still a scientific problem to be overcome , so that accurate forecasting long way to go .

Iceland , Italy, Japan and other advanced countries compared to China’s volcano monitoring and forecasting work has only just started, at the stage of accumulation of data .

Academician Liu Jiaqi , these gaps in particular in: time monitoring, data accumulated less of low level , such as the flow of volcanic seismic network monitoring , GPS observations , deformation, geochemistry and so little information to rely on such information Difficult to quantify the risk of their activities , observation data recording , transmission and analysis of skill levels are low . The evaluation of volcanic hazards based on the field investigation , detection and testing work has been achieved is not enough to risk of future eruption of the volcano and volcanic hazards to make a quantitative assessment of the degree .

Although we in Jilin volcano, Changbai Longgang volcano, Tengchong volcano , Heilongjiang Wudalianchi volcano, volcanoes , and Jingbo Lake in Heilongjiang Volcano volcano monitoring network was established , but Liu Jiaqi academician that the distribution of the monitoring network , monitoring Data accuracy and degree of concern with the government are a lot worse .

” Italy, Mount Etna , a monitoring station there is more than 150 full-time research staff , and our current count part-time researchers , volcano monitoring, involving less than 100 . ” Academician Liu Jiaqi said .

China’s Changbai Mountains , Wudalianchi are active volcanoes , the whole eastern part of the Pacific volcanic chain surrounded by neighboring countries such as Japan , the Philippines, Indonesia and Russia ( Far East ) are more intense volcanic and volcanic activity in countries once volcanic eruption Will impact on China .

In this regard, Liu Jiaqi academicians call that China should further strengthen the research and monitoring of volcanic activity , laid more monitoring site , after all , ” volcanic hazards national boundaries . “